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Why Choose Betty Ford Center

All Inclusive Pricing

The Betty Ford Center strives to provide excellent treatment services to the entire family system impacted by alcoholism and other drug addiction.

Treatment Programs

Length of Stay

Inpatient Treatment 30 - 90 days1,2,4
Residential Day Treatment 30 - 90 days1,3,4
Professionals Treatment Program 60-90 days1,2,4
Young Adult Recovery Program (18–25) 90 days1,2,4
120 days1,2,4
Pain Management Program 45 days1,2,4
Intensive Outpatient Program 8 weeks1,4

Prevention and Education Programs

Length of Stay


Children's Program (7 – 12) 4 days
(Thursday - Sunday)
No child turned away due to the inability to pay
Family Program (13 and over) Day Program: 5 days (Monday – Friday)  


Length of Stay


Clinical Diagnostic Evaluation 3 day outpatient evaluation Contact CDE Program Director for cost and availability5  800-854-9211, x5848
Therapeutic Aftercare 90 days – Open Ended  

Betty Ford Center recognizes the choices that many families are faced with, when seeking help for addiction treatment. There are many factors to be considered. Quality of care and staff, safety, services offered, and understanding the value of cost. As a non-profit facility, we do our best to provide upfront information about pricing so there are no surprises. Our staff strives to empower families to make educated treatment choices.

In order to assist in this decision, we have created a worksheet for use when comparing other facilities to Betty Ford Center.

If after comparing facilities there are still unanswered questions, please contact our knowledgeable Admission staff for further details.

1 Includes two family members attending the Family Program, and children ages 7-12 attending the Children’s Program. Young Adult Recovery Program includes all immediate family members and children.
2 Medically supervised detoxification is included; patient may remain in stabilization hall during this period. Actual charges will vary depending on length of stay. Pricing is all inclusive with the exception of medications and/or special services.
3 Detoxification is not included in this cost. If required, nights are billed separately.
4 $500 of the required program cost is non-refundable for Intensive Outpatient. $5,000 of the required program cost is non-refundable for all residential treatment programs. Family Program is non-refundable.
5 CDE payment up to $4,000 may be credited to cost of inpatient/residential programs. Treatment must begin within 30 days of CDE completion in order to receive the credit.

The Betty Ford Center is pleased to announce that insurance coverage is now available for those with active out-of-network benefits who meet criteria for the Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP.) As such, we will take part in all aspects of benefit verification, utilization review and billing for those who have benefits that are applicable. Patients will be responsible for any deductibles or co-payments deemed due by their carriers.

Help is available. So is hope.

Call our Admissions Counselors and allow our team to discuss options and walk you through the process.

(800) 434-7365