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"Doctor Peter has made a more profound impact on my recovery than any of the 20-plus doctors I have worked with.  There is a balance that he is able to level with his patients between introspection on a grounding and intellectual basis, and a very non-invasive, emotional introspection that really can't be touched.

Betty Ford Center is a licensed Chemical Dependency Recovery Hospital that treats all patients age 18 years and older suffering from chemical dependency, including patients with co-occurring disorders such as chronic pain, and trauma.

A primary diagnosis of chemical dependency is necessary for admission to the Betty Ford Center. If the patient demonstrates significant pain issues, she/he is offered a 45-day schedule - the Pain Management Program - to focus on both addictive disease and developing and implementing a personalized pain curriculum. Many patients enter treatment at the Betty Ford Center for addiction to pain medication.

The Pain Management Program treats various types of chronic pain including:

  • Arthritis
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Chronic tension type headache/Migraine headache
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Neuropathies
  • Oro-facial pain
  • Post-laminectomy syndrome

Betty Ford Center has designed a pain management track that goes well beyond the traditional approach of symptom relief. Our track is based upon two recently discovered findings. First, chronic pain is a disease of the brain. Second, given an optimal environment, the brain of the chronic pain patient retains the ability to heal and return to normal function. Chronic pain affects about 25-30% of the population and confers considerable misery and disability to those who suffer its consequences.

Chronic pain patients have changes in mood, lose the ability to remain calm, lack coping skills, experience the inability to sleep, and lack attention to task, hopelessness, memory, planning, and one's overall outlook toward life. These changes are common to all chronic pain patients and are very treatable. Our holistic approach to treatment targets those areas of the brain that have been affected by chronic pain and restores them to normal function (adaptive plasticity). The track allows patients to gain insight into the ways in which pain has changed their ability to think and approach life. Patients learn a different approach to pain: one in which they are transformed and learn to recognize pain as a relapse trigger.

Pain Management is a forty-five day inpatient program. This time frame assures that your chronic pain and substance use disorder are successfully evaluated and treated. Patients live on our 20-acre main Betty Ford Center campus in gender-specific residence halls. During their stay, all patients develop a foundation in 12-Step recovery and are presented with the necessary tools to enhance the progress made during treatment. Additionally, family and/or loved ones are encouraged to participate in the Center's Family Program and Children's Program.

The end of treatment in Rancho Mirage marks the beginning of a partnership with Betty Ford Center alumni. Chapters and individuals around the world continue to support patients, their family and friends in their new lives of sobriety.

Betty Ford Center recognizes long-term treatment as the "Gold Standard" for care. Because of the many benefits associated with long-term treatment, 90-days or longer, is the optimal length of stay. After completion of the 45-day Pain Management Program, patients may be referred to Residential Day Treatment to continue their chemical dependency treatment.

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