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Pain Management Program

"Doctor Peter has made a more profound impact on my recovery than any of the 20-plus doctors who have worked with me.

Peter Przekop, DO, Ph.D.The Betty Ford Center has a unique chronic pain management and addiction program that goes well beyond the traditional approach of symptom relief. People who use alcohol and other drugs to cope with chronic pain enter our treatment in a state of chronic stress. We help them relearn how to focus and how to de-stress. When the mind is relaxed—and this is key to our treatment—it will go to a place of healing.

The clinically-based program addresses recovery and also includes Qi Gong, Tai Chi and Yoga as part of the chronic pain treatment paradigm.

The residential program is designed and directed by the internationally-recognized pain management expert Dr. Peter Przekop, D.O., Ph.D., pictured at right.  Rather than dealing with the physical cause of pain, the pain management program is based on neurocognitive enhancement ΜΆ reshaping how the brain reacts to pain.

A year after completing the program, more than 73 percent of patients report being chemical-free and pain-free. No other treatment program shows this level of documented success. Call us at (888) 745-7296.

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