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Treatment Programs

The Betty Ford Center strives to provide excellent treatment services to the entire family system impacted by alcoholism and other drug addiction.

Treatment Programs

Inpatient Treatment 1,2
Residential Day Treatment 1,3
Professionals Treatment Program 1,2
LGBTQ-integrative Programming
Young Adult Recovery Program (18–25) 1,2
Pain Management Program 1,2
Intensive Outpatient Program 1



Length of Stay

Clinical Diagnostic Evaluation 4 day inpatient stay 4
Therapeutic Aftercare 90 days – Open Ended

Betty Ford Center offers a wide variety of help for those seeking an alcohol and/or drug treatment program. All of our programs are based on the 12 Step philosophy, and because women and men have separate and distinct needs when it comes to treatment, Betty Ford Center programs are gender-specific.

After stabilization, each patient is assigned a treatment team consisting of a physician, nurse, psychologist, primary counselor, case manager, spiritual care counselor, family counselor, dietician, wellness trainer, chemical dependency technician and alumni services representative. This team is responsible for working with each patient to establish an individualized plan of care and provide recommendations for discharge.

After patients are stabilized, each treatment day consists of a full schedule of activities, including - but not limited to - group therapy, educational lectures, wellness sessions and individual therapy sessions as determined by the patient's primary counselor.

1 Includes two family members attending the Family Program, and children ages 7-12 attending the Children’s Program. Young Adult Recovery Program includes all immediate family members and children.
2 Medically supervised detoxification is included; patient may remain in stabilization hall during this period. Actual charges will vary depending on length of stay. Pricing is all inclusive with the exception of medications and/or special services.
3 Detoxification is not included in this cost. If required, nights are billed separately.
4 Full CDE payment may be credited to cost of inpatient/residential programs. Treatment must begin within 30 days of CDE completion in order to receive the credit.

Help is available. So is hope.

Call our Admissions Counselors and allow our team to discuss options and walk you through the process.

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