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90 Day Treatment Program Launched At Betty Ford Center

December 1st, 2007 – Posted by Betty Ford Center in Programs
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Last summer the Betty Ford Center launched a new treatment program for persons addicted to alcohol and/or other drugs, which lasts for three months.

The growth of the 90-Day Program has been dramatic. At its inception, there were five patient participants; in January, 2007, 30 patients are in the program.

While the Center has for several years offered treatment beyond the basic 30-day inpatient stay, what’s significant about the 90-Day Program is that patients in that program now make a full 90-day commitment upon admission.

According to Drew Paxton, who directs the new program, “We’ve been offering Residential Day Treatment (RDT) for years. Most RDT participants were inpatients who extended care and added 30 or 60 days. We did not have a significant number of patients making a full 90-day commitment upon admission.”

Paxton continues, “There is a large and growing referent-driven demand for 90-day treatment. As one of our referents says, `The best friend a patient has in treatment is time.’”

Paxton cites National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)-funded research that shows conclusively that the more time a person spends in treatment, the better the chances are that that person is going to enjoy life-long sobriety. According to NIDA, “For most [alcoholic/addict] patients, the threshold of significant improvement is reached at about three months in treatment.”

The 90-Day Program is designed primarily for licensed professionals, chronic relapsers, and those with multiple prior treatment experiences. Longer-term care is also beneficial for patients who require extended detox and those who have been drinking and/or using for many years.

The program includes primary addiction treatment based on 12-Step spirituality during the first month, followed by continuing 12-Step work during the second and third months, combined with intensive workshops covering issues such as relapse, codependency and relationships.

Patients also participate in activities grouped under a “Reflections” umbrella. Ninety-Day Program participants both observe and interact with inpatients on the Betty Ford Center campus and/or at other treatment facilities in the Coachella Valley.

Through observation and interaction, 90-Day patients gain new perspectives on their alcoholism/addiction by seeing how the disease that affects them affects others. Thanks to “Reflections” and the opportunity to help others new to the treatment journey, 90-Day patients are also able to reflect on the progress they have made in their own treatment.

For the most part, participants in the 90-Day Program live off-campus in Betty Ford Center-owned, gender-specific homes and begin practicing sober living skills out in the community during free time. They attend daily AA and/or other 12-Step meetings and establish a sober support group.

The program fee includes participation in a five-day Recovery Enrichment Program (which addresses specific relapse issues), a four-day Codependency/Boundary-Setting Workshop and three-day Relationship Enhancement Program. It also includes participation by one loved one in the Family Program at the Betty Ford Center.

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