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United Kingdom Welcomes Betty Ford Center CEO And Children's Programs Director

November 21st, 2011 – Posted by Betty Ford Center in Media
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Betty Ford Center CEO Emeritus John Schwarzlose and Jerry Moe, National Director of the Center’s Children’s Programs, recently traveled to the United Kingdom for speaking engagements in Ireland and London.

Mr. Moe lectured on “Alcoholism: Changing the Family Legacy” at an event organized by Toranfield House Centre at the Stillorgan Park Hotel in Dublin before joining Mr. Schwarzlose in London.  The two then jointly addressed a group of 175 professionals related to the addiction field.

“I was particularly gratified and moved emotionally to speak in Dublin, the city of my great, great grandparents’ birth,” said Mr. Moe.  “Talking about ‘Changing the Family Legacy’ allowed me to count my many blessings in doing this work professionally as well as reflect upon how far my own family has come in recovering from the disease of alcoholism.”

The London evening was coordinated by Dr. Brian Wells, who has become an international liaison psychiatrist for the Betty Ford Center.

“This was Betty Ford Center’s first ‘outing’ into Europe, and a lot of individuals are now talking about the Betty Ford Center,” said Dr. Wells.  “The audience understands the Center’s clarity of purpose, quality of treatment and cost-effectiveness much better.  Although this was not a marketing event, there is now a lot of ‘buzz’ about the facility.”

Mr. Schwarzlose focused on the influence and legacy of Mrs. Ford during his portion of the evening, and Dr. Wells said Mr. Moe’s talk was “…very moving.  Some audience members had lumps in their throats, hearing stories of the children of alcoholics.  Those moments soon turned to healing laughter under Jerry’s skilled presentation style.”

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  1. Cathy | Treatment Talk says:

    How wonderful that her message is being spread to Europe!

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