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Jerry Moe is Vice President, National Director of Children's Programs for the Betty Ford Center. An Advisory Board Member of the National Association for Children of Alcoholics, he is internationally known as an author, lecturer, and trainer on issues for young children from addicted families. He is featured in the documentary Lost Childhood: Growing Up in an Alcoholic Family, and his books include: Kids' Power: Healing Games for Children of Alcoholics; Conducting Support Groups for Elementary Children; Discovery… Finding the Buried Treasure; Kids' Power Too: Words to Grow By; The Children's Place… At the Heart of Recovery; the Beamer Series for Kids and Understanding Addiction and Recovery through a Child's Eyes.

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A Meal to not Remember
April 25th, 2013 / BFC Insights / Jerry Moe
The Betty Ford Children’s Program serves such a richly diverse group of families hurt by alcoholism and other drug addiction. Many of our courageous children live in homes where that cunning, powerful, and baffling disease is still active. Others come from families where their loved one is currently in treatment somewhere in the United States. Still others live in recovering families and sometimes have never witnessed the drinking and/or drugging, as well as the havoc it wreaks on everyone in its path. Regardless of the circumstances, the program empowers youth with accurate,...

California Local News
April 26th, 2012 / / Jerry Moe
Our primary focus in the Children’s Program has always been to serve children and provide safety and guidance as they discover that they are not alone.  This prevention program helps them find a voice when it comes to how addiction has affected their young lives.  Over the first three months of the year, we will have provided six programs at our center and five in local schools within the Desert Sands Unified School District (DSUSD).  It is such a pleasure each year to establish new community connections as well as to reestablish those we have been working with for years.  Some of...

Changing the Family Legacy
May 25th, 2011 / Programs / Jerry Moe
A long-held tenet in the treatment and recovery worlds is that alcoholism and other drug addictions are a family disease. Everyone in the family, including children, gets hurt by this cunning, powerful, and baffling illness. All too often it becomes a family legacy that gets passed from generation to generation. Where does it stop? Children’s programs provide a unique opportunity to interrupt the multigenerational transmission of addiction. They can teach youth important life skills, empower adults with parenting strategies that they can include in their recovery process, and heal...

Family Recovery Means Children Too!
October 26th, 2010 / / Jerry Moe
            On a cold, dreary February evening in 1978, one child showed up for the program’s first session.   Through 1990, the Sequoia Hospital Children’s Place program served over ten thousand children in groups, weekend retreats and summer camps, all designed to help children initiate and deepen their healing.  The Children’s Place, still operating to this day, is one of a handful of outstanding programs that bring support and facilitate recovery for children from addicted families.  This program has never lost sight of its primary objective, to create a safe...

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