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Family And Children

Prevention and Education

Length of Stay

Family Program (13 and over)
Day Program: 5 days (Monday – Friday)
Children's Program (7 – 12) 
4 days (Thursday - Sunday) 

4 Non–refundable payment made at start of program.

If pressed to provide a short answer to the question, "What makes treatment at the Betty Ford Center different, and special?" our first reply would be, "Because we offer help to the entire family and all who are impacted by the disease of addiction."

Other ALCOHOL TREATMENT and DRUG TREATMENT facilities offer some help to family members, and even fewer offer help to children. No other facility is as intensely focused on a holistic family approach to the disease of addiction than the Betty Ford Center. It is critically important that loved ones and children learn about the disease, how it has affected not just the alcoholic/addict, and how to begin their own healing process and develop their own resiliency.

Both the Children's Program and the Family Program are open to the public. It is not necessary to have a loved one in treatment at the Betty Ford Center to participate in these programs. However, the cost of one family member is included in each Betty Ford Center patient's cost of treatment.

Help is available. Call 800-434-7365 and allow our team to discuss options and walk you through the process.

You may register for the Family Program here.

Help is available. So is hope.

Call our Admissions Counselors and allow our team to discuss options and walk you through the process.

(800) 434-7365