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The Family Program at the Betty Ford Center is an intensive five-day (Monday-Friday) educational program with group work, lectures and presentations addressing various dynamics of the disease of addiction. By addressing the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions of those impacted by the disease of addiction, this program helps family members and loved ones begin their own recovery.

Our Family Program is open to the public for participants ages 13 and older. This program is available to any person who has, or is currently, affected by someone's addiction to alcohol and/or other drugs. Having a patient in treatment at the Betty Ford Center is not a requirement for participation in this unique program. However, the cost of one family member is included in each Betty Ford Center patient's cost of residential (inpatient) treatment. The fee for additional participants is $931 per person. This a smoke-free program; thank you in advance for your support. For more information or to register, call us now at (888) 745-6076.

If you are unable to contact us during our normal business hours, you may complete an on-line Family Registration Request. After completing the application, a Family Counselor will contact you within 72 hours to answer any questions and continue the process.



Help is available. So is hope.

Call our Admissions Counselors and allow our team to discuss options and walk you through the process.

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